Company Structure

Thalassa Holdings Ltd ("Thalassa") is a British Virgin Island ("BVI") international business company, incorporated and registered in the BVI on 26 September 2007. The Company was established as a holding company, and has two operating subsidiaries in the Energy Services Industry, currently focused on marine geophysical services and AUV research and development.

WGP Group Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thalassa which owns the seismic operating assets of the Thalassa Group and whose subsidiaries are:

  • WGP Energy Services Ltd
  • WGP Exploration Limited
  • WGP Professional Services Ltd
  • WGP Technical Services Ltd
  • WGP Survey Ltd

WGP Energy Services Ltd was established to acquire marine seismic equipment, initially Portable Modular Source Systems ("PMSS™"). The PMSS™ is equipment which can be installed on a vessel in order to provide the seismic (sound) source as part of the function to allow E&P companies to perform reservoir monitoring.

WGP Exploration Limited was incorporated in 2009 and acquired by the Group on 16 November 2011. It is the operational division of the Group with experience of conducting seismic survey operations in the marine environment for major E&P companies. This has included managing the operation and maintenance of the PMSS™ units as part of its Life of Field Seismic solutions.

In addition to its operation of the PMSS™ units, WGP Exploration enters into individual project contracts with E&P Companies and contractors to provide specialist geophysical services.

WGP Energy Services Ltd's PMSS™ units combined with WGP Exploration Ltd's operational experience assists oil companies in maximising oil recovery through reservoir management practices as well as assisting in the discovery of new reserves.

GO Science Group Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thalassa, is an AUV research and development company, whose sole subsidiary is Autonomous Robotics Limied (previously GO Science 2013 Limited).

Thalassa Holdings Ltd. listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange on 29 July 2008, with symbol "THAL".

Thalassa Holdings Ltd, Folio Chambers, PO Box 800, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands.
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